frequently asked questions


Question: My son is 13. Do you usually have students in this age group? SAVE Columbia  Yes, we do.

Question:  I need more information like a contact number to talk to somebody? SAVE Columbia  can be reached at (803) 665-8453

Question: Do you provide meals or do the children bring their own food? SAVE Columbia breakfast and lunch will be provided

Question: Do you guys have group rates for more then one child? SAVE Columbia Not anymore. We offered group rates during thte early registration period (until May 17th)

Question: I'm a bit confused. Registration is how much and how much is the weekly rate? SAVE Columbia the registration fee is $25, and the weekly rate is $55 a week. 

Question: What's a number I can call? SAVE Columbia  can be reached at (803) 665-8453

Question: What are the hours? SAVE Columbia 7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Question: What is the early registration cost? SAVE Columbia $360, price good thtrough May 17th.

Question: Is it possible for me to come by and see the facility? SAVE Columbia We are hosting an Open House May 25th from 12-2pm, then you can come ask questions and see the facility

Question: Where is the summer camp being held this year? SAVE Columbia 1225 Piney Grove Rd. The old Children's World location. They are transported from 9161-C Two Notch Rd.

Question: What are the methods of payment? SAVE Columbia debit/credit card via our website or Eventbrite or pay by check weekly at the summer camp. To take advantage of making weekly check payments, the cost to secure your child’s camp seat is $25 registration fee and two weeks upfront of $55 for the first two weeks of payment. You can lock in the seat for the camp by paying on the website (http;//

Question: Is there a camp limitation this year? SAVE Columbia yes, 100 participants. Once we’ve hit that limit, we will not be taking any additional participants.

Question: Is there an onsite nurse? SAVE Columbia at present we do not have a nurse on our staff. However, we are in a good area for access to roadways for emergency vehicle access.

Question: What are the acceptable ages for children at this year’s summer camp? SAVE Columbia 5-13

Question: What are the camp dates? SAVE Columbia June 10th -August 16th

Question: Will the camp be open for the 4th of July? SAVE Columbia yes, there will be minimal staff available to run the camp. We realize most parents will spend the holidays with their children and therefore don’t expect a lot of participation that week.